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Derived from the Latin word “castellum” which means “a fortified place,” a castle is an iconic structure during the middle ages. They historically houses kings, nobles, royals, and military ranks. Castles according to historians, were originally built using earth and timber which over time was upgraded into stone structures.

Most of the fortifications that we know today comes from years of innovation driven by the purpose of building the ultimate military bases. As well as the administrative, and domestic stronghold that represents wealth, power, and authority. It is preponderance in its most elegant form. Surely, its safe to say that there is no other structure worthy enough to house a King than a castle.

Castle Clash On PC

With that said, if you believe that you have what it takes to become a king of your own castle, then, Castle Clash: Brave Squads is one of the games you definitely should try out. Show off your strategic skills and lead your armies in the ultimate quest for dominance. Train heroes, harvest resources, expand your territory, upgrade your structures, and so much more in this highly-immersive game now unblocked for PC. Jump into an action-packed adventure today along with your friends and family today. Explore the various features, challenging activities, and so much more by simply clicking on the “Play Now” button on your screen.

Castle Clash comes from the China-based studios of IGG.COM. They are famous for their work on iconic titles like Lords Mobile, Deck Heroes, Clash of Lords, etc. Now, Castle Clash, in terms of gameplay structure, resembles that of Supercell’s Clash of Clans. However, this does not in any way make Castle Clash a clone of the iconic game. That is because Castle Clash has been launched months before Clash of Clans. With that out of the way, check out some of the features that make Castle Clash: Brave Heroes one of the best free-to-play strategy games to date.

Fast-Paced Gameplay

Compared to action-adventure games, fast-paced gameplay in strategy games is measured not through battle but by progression. A common feature in most free-to-play strategy games is the pay-to-complete option that allows players to instantly complete the upgrade or building process through the use of in-game currency.

Castle Clash, however, is not like most MMO Strategy games. That is because it comes with a perfectly balanced gameplay structure that does not take advantage or rely heavily on the game’s currency. In other words, building and upgrading structures in Castle Clash is a breeze in comparison to the other games in its genre.

A Plethora of Heroes to Collect

Another unique feature in this game is the huge collection of Castle Clash best heroes waiting for you to discover. Each hero, just like most video games, has their own unique skills and abilities. Heroes in the game come with a star-rating system that indicates their current level. The more stars it has means it is more powerful. In addition to the star system, it is also a category-based grouping. Heroes come in three categories wherein the most common heroes belong to the Ordinary category. Then, followed by the Elite Category that houses the slightly stronger hero types.

Of course, there’s the Legendary category. As its name suggests, it houses some of the rarest if not the most powerful heroes in the game. Keep in mind that stronger heroes do not translate to easy victories every time. A powerful hero can sometimes become useless without a solid strategic approach. Always remember that enemies, especially bosses, are always stronger than the main protagonist.

Highly-Detailed Structures

Castle Clash as you may have already known by now also comes with elements borrowed from the city-building genre of games. These elements allow players to strategically develop their own fortress. The town hall, decorations, defensive, and offensive buildings are just a few examples of these structures.

In addition, players can also upgrade or improve each structure up to level 25. Always keep in mind that the Hero Base, Relic Hall, and Resource Buildings are normal buildings. While the Army Camp, Guild Hall, and Heroes Altar are the tough buildings. The Town Hall, Towers, and Walls, on the other hand, are called support buildings.

A Rewarding Experience

Moreover, Castle Clash also features a solid reward structure that provides players with both premium and regular in-game items. Each reward must be claimed manually by the player. It is simply through logging in to the game and completing quests. Plus, the daily might-based daily reward called nobility, achievements, and participating in seasonal events.

To that end, if you love the iconic Clash of Clans, then, Castle Clash is a game you will definitely cherish. Experience all the features mentioned plus more by simply clicking on the “Play Now” button on your screen.

Download Castle Clash today and join the millions of players across the globe. Find the best strategies in Castle Clash forum that you can find anywhere on the internet as well. Share it with your family, and other strategy game enthusiasts out there free of charge straight from your PC.

Game Features

  • Build an impenetrable fortress!
  • Choose from many different units to create the ultimate army!
  • Collect and evolve dozens of powerful heroes!
  • Assemble your favorite heroes for the all-new "Squad Showdown".
  • Become best buds with adorable Pets!
  • Battle fearsome bosses with friends from around the world!
  •  Join Fortress Feud for Guild-on-Guild fun!
  • Exciting co-op and PvP modes, more than any other mobile strategy game!

Download and Play Castle Clash on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Castle Clash: Brave Squads Screenshot
Castle Clash: Brave Squads Screenshot

Play and Download Castle Clash Now Available on PC & Mac FREE!